Tuesday, 20 September 2011

In And Out Of Control

Another short story I dreamed up recently, I hope you enjoy this one. I certainly enjoyed writing it knowing that once I finished it it would be over. I like writing three parters but I definitely wouldn't do it all the time! 
Thanks for reading, let me know if you spot a typo. More to follow very soon.

In And Out Of Control

David was giving Tim shit again. Most breaks and lunches would follow the same sort of pattern, Tim would come into the staff room to relax and moments later David would be there making fun of him, making snide comments about his slightly wiry appearance and a few times he had physically shoved him around. It was at these times that Tim was reminded that you really needed an audience to be able to bully a person, because David would certainly not put in half as much effort to humiliate or frustrate him if there was nobody there to nudge each other when it began and laugh raucously at the end of most of David’s sentences, or if Tim went the slightest bit red in the face. Today was much the same; David had decided to pick up on Tim’s new haircut. “Makes your head look even wonkier than it usually is. Makes that eye which is already blatantly bigger than the other look even more bigger” he chuckled and gestured at Tim’s face. “What d’you say Craig?” he unnecessarily shouted across the smallish staffroom. “Does Tim the twat’s face look wonkier now, or before he paid some mongoloid to hack at his greasy locks?” Craig just sniggered; he had never been one for witty wordplay or even many words at all. Everybody standing around laughed at Tim who picked up his cup of coffee and tried to walk out of the room to go and find somewhere to enjoy himself quietly, as he got to the doorway David stepped in front of him and simply stood there. Tim scowled at him, “get the fuck out of my way.” He demanded, but David just laughed. “Get out of my way now” he repeated “Or I will smash you in the face”, the room at large dissolved into laughter and David finally gave way to Tim, wiping tears of mirth out of his eyes. “That guy” he laughed as he casually high fived one of his friends who had moved to stand by the door in case Tim really had thrown a punch. Tim stormed down the corridor gritting his teeth and embarrassingly red in the face.

Tim arrived home to find his wife (the love of his life who he had only married last month) just finishing dinner, he strolled over to her and bent down in order to give her petite figure a proper cuddle. She was wearing a onesie that he had bought her for the previous Christmas and he couldn’t help but adore her even more in her ridiculous outfit, dressed as a bear. They kissed and he held her tight to him momentarily before taking her away, looking into her beautiful face and asking her “something’s happened..?” She shook slightly as she nodded and told him “Tim I don’t really know how to say this so I’ll just have to say it... I’m pregnant.” The young couple embraced happily and all the stress and the strain of his day washed away upon a tidal wave of joy. Tim changed into PJs and the pair ate together. Over dinner, Tim told his wife about his frustrating break-time, but how he thought he might be on to a promotion and how he had received a call-back from his dream job drawing artwork for computer games. They cuddled on the sofa for a few hours and watched TV until around 11 PM at which point they went to the bedroom with each other. They took off their clothes and stood pressed naked against each other. “I think... I think I might have been a little bit naughty” Tim’s wife muttered to him in a playful way. “You definitely have.” He spoke back, a firm note in his voice that was rarely heard there. He picked her up and placed her firmly over his lap, examining her bare bottom, he caressed it momentarily for a moment before smacking the round cheek hard. He did this several times on both before she started to make a noise, only a slight squeak escaped her lips though and he asked sternly “did I hear a noise?” “No” she pleaded, but it was too late. “Get up”, he ordered, “and go and fetch the paddle.” She walked slowly over to the cupboard and picked up a long wooden paddle. “Now bring it back here and get back in position” he told her, in that same firm tone that he had never really demonstrated for anybody else. She meekly walked back over and he pulled her back over his lap, before he spanked her again, very hard until she begged him to stop.

“How’s your bum?” Tim asked her between the sheets 25 minutes later. “Sore cheeks, and there’s definitely a red mark now.” she muttered back ruefully; but she was grinning and stuck her tongue out at him. “But I quite like it, feels naughty when I sit down tomorrow at work... I definitely need the sex afterwards though. Finishing that strongly kind of brings things back to reality. Did you enjoy yourself?” “Of course I did” he said gently, smiling back. “Was it ok for you?” “It always is” she muttered sleepily. The pair shuffled together and kissed briefly. “Night night beautiful” Tim murmured, and they rolled over in opposite directions and fell quickly asleep.

David arrived home to find his ex girlfriend he was living with on the house phone, leaving him to wonder what had happened; people didn’t often ring the house phone anymore as David and his ex tended to give their mobile numbers to people and only put their landline down on official forms. She thanked whoever was on the phone and put it down “We’ve got to go into Michael’s school tomorrow to speak to his teacher; he punched another boy again”. David strolled into the living room and yanked his son up from the floor, where he had been playing computer games, onto his feet. “Do you think we’ve got the hours in the fucking day to deal with your stupidity, you piece of shit?” he shouted in his son’s face, who immediately began to cry. “Get upstairs now, I don’t want to see you again tonight.” As he ran from the room, David’s ex girlfriend walked in and immediately began shouting too about how shouting is useless and now he was just upset and how could he not see him for the rest of the night when they were supposed to be eating dinner in five minutes? The row took up the next hour of the entire night, David finally left after eating some of his ex’s mediocre cooking. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going then?” she shouted at him as he walked to the door. “Well I’m not staying here tonight you nasty nosey bitch.” He shouted back, and he slammed the door hard behind him. He arrived at a new girlfriend’s house and knocked on the door. “Sorry I’m here babe” he apologised meekly. “Just had a row with the others and needed somewhere...” She sighed inwardly and told him to make himself at home as long as he didn’t traipse any mud on the carpet and didn’t touch any of the newly painted hallway. He took himself straight upstairs and made sure that when he removed his clothes he put them in a neat pile at the foot of the bed. When his new squeeze finally got in with him a short while later she sighed as she realised he was after sex, but decided she could probably go for some as long as it didn’t take too long. He kissed her for a few moments and then quickly climbed on top of her, his frustrations and sadness were not the best aphrodisiac and after only three minutes he lost control and realised all too late he was about to come. There was a long and silence before she sighed and told him “It’s fine. I was tired anyway.” The pair said goodnight and after a period of time lying in the dark, David dropped off.

David was giving Tim shit again. The break time was following the usual pattern but Tim just stood there rolling his eyes today, he was in far too good a mood to get wound up. “I’m talking to you, you scrawny prick” David snapped. Tim just shrugged in his general direction and said “I’m busy, I’m going now.” He walked over to the staff room door and found himself blocked again. “Wanna punch me in the face do ya?” David growled at him. “Go on, make my day you wimp! Tim opened his mouth and yawned in his face. Nearly everybody in the room laughed loudly at the comic effect and with that he walked around David and left the staff room.  The room fell silent as most of the staff looked on to see what David would do. “Hah, fuck that guy” he chuckled in an attempt at nonchalance. “Definitely a queer” he proclaimed. “Did you see his tie today? Looked like it belonged to a schoolteacher who thinks he’s funny and cool.” The room stayed silent. “He looked like a right paedo.” He sat down to further silence, looked around and almost shouted “I said he looked like a right paedo!” The room was suddenly full of people laughing uneasily. “Thank you.” He said, annoyed. He shook his head in a frustrated way and muttered “Fuckin’ loser”. 

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